Annual General Meeting - May 18 2017

All NYSGHL Members are invited to attend the meeting. Volunteers are always welcome!

NYSGHL AGM @ CANLAN YORK UNIVERSITY in the YORK ROOM. Meeting to begin at 7:00pm sharp.


Some details regarding the AGM Process:

Any member who wishes to be a candidate for a Board position must submit complete the online nomination form a minimum of Fourteen (14) days (Deadline for nomination this year is May 4th, 2017 whereby the form must be properly completed and submitted) before the date of the AGM to the NYS Executive;

  • The prospective applicant must be present at the Annual General Meeting to be accepted as a Board member (Exception See Article 8d);
  • Applicants must be sponsored by a member in good standing.
  • The nominator will briefly outline to the membership present, at the meeting his or her belief in the candidate’s qualifications and benefits the League will derive from the candidate becoming an executive or committee member. For a description of what the position’s role and expectation is please read Our Constitution (Article 10 Duties and Responsibilities).
Terms that are up for renewal are:
  • Vice President - ACCLAIMED
  • Secretary - ACCLAIMED
  • Director of Competitive Operations - ACCLAIMED
  • Director of Player Development - ACCLAIMED
  • Director of Procurement and Equipment - ACCLAIMED
  • Director of Fundraising and Sponsorship - VACANT
  • Director at Large - ACCLAIMED