Number Photo Name Pos. Date of Birth
5 Macrae small Teghan MacRae D 03/20/2003
20 Menezes small Maya Menezes D 03/20/2004
28 Connor small Jordanna Connors D 04/28/2003
44 Hallett small Charlotte Hallett D 02/02/2004
77 Oakes small Bailey Oakes D 03/05/2003
81 Mcneil small Madison McNeil D 10/31/2003


Number Photo Name Pos. Date of Birth
4 Chiarelli small Ella Chiarelli F 10/20/2004
7 Sikich small Cameron Sikich F 06/09/2003
8 Muxlow small Sarah Muxlow F 05/21/2004
9 Wunder small Isabel Wunder F 12/15/2003
11 Greco small Isabella Greco F 02/27/2004
13 Leonard small Taya Leonard F 05/13/2004
17 Davis small Cailey Davis F 02/20/2003
18 Shulman small Jamie Shulman F 10/12/2004
71 Lio small Michela Lio F 01/20/2003


Number Photo Name Pos. Date of Birth
29 Stratos small Alexia Stratos G 11/02/2004
37 Oakes37 small Brooklyn Oakes G 09/29/2004


Photo Name Title
Alda small Alda Menezes General Manager
F. marson small Frank Marson Head Coach
P. paulin small Pat Paulin Associate Coach
B. davis small Ben Davis Associate Coach
Whitney Kennedy Associate Coach
D. gwyn small Dave Gwyn Associate Coach
S. sampson small Sandy Sampson Goalie Coach
Annemarie Carnovale Therapist